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For an American --or anyone else for that matter-- Atalanta is a
character from Greek myth. Like her protectress Artemis (the Roman
Diana), she was a virgin and hunter. She was also the Flo-Jo (Olympian
Florence Griffiths-Joyner) of her day, the fastest woman around. In
fact, she bet her virginity that no man could ever catch her. The side
bet was if the suitor failed, she poked him with her spear when she
caught him.

Also worth noting, the French film, L'Atalante, a small masterpiece by
Jean Vigo. The film has little to do with the myth, but it takes place
on and off a barge called l'Atalante. Like the Odyssey for Joyce's
Ulysses, the myth is a sort of touchstone for story points. (If you want
to bother!)

    Y'a bon,

> From: Frank Stajano <fstajano at uk.research.att.com>
> By the way, what is Atalanta for an American? To me it's the name of
> an
> Italian football team I heard when I was in primary school -- no idea
> if
> they still exist. However I suspect it might be something different in
> the
> context of the Barks book.
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