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>>Was there a certain reason for Barks to write this poem? Was it intended
>>for a publication or as gift for fans, maybe even with this mailing list
>>in mind? As far as I remember, it was "first published" on this mailing
>>list (in/around March 1999?).
>>Has the poem been published in print? If so, which version/transcription
>>was used as source?

Barks' poem was published in issue 331 of  "Picsou Magazine" (Août 1999).
It was the same version as the one you posted on February 9.
It was printed in English (!) with a translation, and the title was "Ode to the
Disney Ducks".

A short paragraph introduced it:

"This little poetic ode was written by Carl Barks a few months ago to thank
the many readers who sent a little note for his birthday, on March 27, 1999.
Since there were quite a lot of  you who participated, it is only natural that
we show you his luminescent response, so that it may shine a happy glow
on your vacations!"

>>Wasn't there one in the early '60's where Gyro invented a 
>>machine that could create what we now know as virtual reality...and Donald 
>>used it to show how fascinating a world just like their own, except that 
>>everything (except the ducks) was ten, then a hundred, then a thousand times 
>>larger, could be. I'm almost positive they saw some giant (comparatively) 
>>frogs during that story...

That's WDC&S 199, April 1957 ("Donald's Big Imagination", CBL in color Album 32--
among my favorite albums & stories). It very well could have been, indeed, but no,
there weren't any frogs. Donald and the nephews "only" met:
    - grasshoppers, flies, a cow, a hen and her chicks, and a mouse,
      on Jupiter ("eleven times enlarged")
    - gnats, a grasshopper,
      on Phonus Artichokus, "which is about 2300 times bigger than the Earth"
    - a grasshopper and chicken pox germs
      on Betelgeuse


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