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Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Fri Feb 16 00:04:48 CET 2001

>>"A truck! Ha, ha! That was a COMET!
>>The highway patrol uses 'em to chase speeders!"
>>(which story?) :-)

Easy (another one of  my favorites):
        "Rip Van Donald"
        WDC&S 112, January 1950
        p 7, panel 5
        CBL of  WDC&S 17
Donald has supposedly been asleep 40 whole years
and believes it's now 1990. Well, even 10 years later
it doesn't quite look like that, fortunately.

A few weeks ago I saw a programme on "Discovery" (it could also have been
"National Geographic") about inventors/scientists who don't rule out the
possibility that it may become possible to make an invention like Gyro's
transmitter in WDC 249. 

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