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Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at
Fri Feb 16 20:31:20 CET 2001

Hi friends

I'm writing from my old home adress, though it's a very strange way
that it started to receive DCML after I unsubscribed and started again.
I only see the subjects. I can get to see the contributions if I go to
the source of the mail. Is this the way it's supposed to be?!

I'm glad to tell, as I am a subscriber, that the danish weekly seem to
have become a subscriber's magazine. I mean they treat us well now. 
Since eater last year I bought every weekly wiuth some special feature
like an extra or a Rosa-story at a store too, even though I had the
subscriber edition. You see, the issue sold at stores, and that local
bookstore of mine, were in special bags. This started back in christmas
1999, but I didn't pay attention to it then. When I visitted Duco in
february last year I did though, and asked for a pair of scissors so I
could cut of those tops that said Wholy mongo and things like that,
there's 100 pages in this issue. As I write this I remember that the
jubilee issue (1999-09) was sold in a double package, with cardboard.
(i don't have this! Disaster?! Nah...)
The issues 41 to 43 was like that too, they also came in special bags,
and contained Rosa, Rota and Barks/Jippes, so that's wonderfull. 
The reason I say the weekly has gone back to being the subscribers's
magazine is that the two last extras didn't come in these special bags.
It can maybe be explained by the fact that they're A4-format. 
One month ago or so I received a small pamflet with my subscriber's
weekly. Telling they made up their minds and would now send this out
ever second month to the subscribers. The pamflet contained info about
the new Disney movie (The emperors... something?) and info of which
movie theatres had a special before-premiere for subscribers. One just
had to phone and say one's number. Nice treatment, I'd say:-)
One thing I fear is that they forget to treat the normal buyers well.
I'd almost say that i don't care about the occasional buyers, they're
not loyal. But I myself bought the weekly from 1990 to 1993 at a shop
or the bookstore. I'm sure many people have been doing this much longer
than I, who's not that young anymore. It might be because of the
personal relationship one gets to the shopowner or the bookstore's
I have that relationship still to this, my old town's bookstore, and to
the local shopkeeper where I live now. Even though I subscribe to the
weekly and Paperinik (?) I still buy the monthly pocket-books, the
extra-magazine and one-shots. And of course I have many friends, many
on this list too, to whom I buy a weekly when there's a Rosa story in. 
I'd actually like to read if other's has or has had such relationships

A. C. Sivebaek
acsive at

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