MICHAEL: Barks' poem

Marco Barlotti marcobar at ds.unifi.it
Sat Feb 17 19:27:34 CET 2001

At 08:05:30 16/02/2001 +0100, Michael Naiman wrote:

>I have a copy of the Duck poem that Carl faxed me on April 1, 1999.
>I seem to have missed the discussion regarding the wording.
>anyone interested?

Me!   ;-)

I am interested in a "philologically correct" version of the poem. For
Carl's sake...  (I hope this is not blasphemous, in any sense  ;-)  ...)

The question I posed concerned some possible typo in the text that has been
published, on this ML and afterwards on quite a few magazines. For example,
the last verse might possibly be "us glad we bought their story" instead of
"us glad be bought their story".
Daniel, in fact, mailed us a text that is slightly different from the
"first known version".

Apart from my question, it would be nice to have a copy of the fax you
Maybe you can snail-mail me a xerox copy? Then I'd scan it and put it
on-line. Or, of course, you might do the scan and the uploading yourself...

Well, just in case, a good address to reach me is:

Marco Barlotti
Casella Postale 4208
I 50135 Firenze FI





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