Back....and Donald's birthday

Henri Kunne HJC.Kunne at
Mon Feb 19 20:32:06 CET 2001

Here I am, back again; but not from lurking. My computer has payed a two-week
visit to the surgeon. Multimedial difficulties, not yet quite solved even 
now, but that's
         At 12:02 17-2-01 +0100, Don Rosa wrote:

>On 3/13/1920, Donald Fauntleroy Duck and Della Thelma Duck bear.
>They probably bear in Duckburg, children of Hortense Mc Duck and Quackmore 

At first, my question may sound silly, but I'll explain it. Why this date 
of March 13th?
It's something of a tradition, it seems; however, I think a thing or two 
should be said
about it. Legend (an urban one??) has it that Donald's birthday was settled 
even in the
thirties, and from those days everybody's copying it from everybody. Same 
legend says
it was done to make Donald a Fish, astrologically speaking. Well, 
astrology's truthfulness
need not be considered here; I still know enough about the character traits 
attributed to the zodiac signs, and I can tell you that the very idea of 
Donald being a Fish
would make any self-respecting astrologer burst out laughing! If you want 
to have it the
astrological way, Donald would be more of a Scorpion with Moon in the Lion; 
Ram will be
his Ascendant. The aforementioned astrologer will tell you that this makes 
a lot more
         However, my own question will be clear now: is this "legend" true? 
Is it correct that
once upon a time, there was an authority telling the world he had 
discovered that Donald's
birthday should be pinned down on the 13th day of any March? If so, did he 
it necessary or useful to make Donald a Fish, and why?
         Greetings, Henri

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