Translations Needed, Map

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Tue Feb 27 19:51:05 CET 2001

U$ 23:    Raider Nick's reef, in the Doomsgurgle Straits.
                This is in duckburg or anywhere near, anyway.
  It's somewhere along the Canadian coast (p 4, panel 1:
  "We came in to resign, sir! Ran most of  the way from Canada!").
  The ships come down from Sitka (p 5, panel 5), Alaska.
  Scrooge and Louie fly to the the lighthouse and arrive the
  next day (p 5, panels 7-8).

U$ 63:    It's the castle of  the ancient mad Duke of  Duckburg.
               "Duke" probably is a nickname. How could there have
               possibly been a Duke in Duckburg? (Unless he's a
               foreigner.) Anyway, this was probably just for the
               sake of  the alliteration and the Gothic setting.
               You may also need the prison's name: the "Studious
               Hours Prison".

Are you preparing this map for a web site?
Visitors of  my own M&D (
must have seen the announcements for a map in the making. It's a map
of  the places the ducks and the mouse ahve visited throughout the world--
and beyond! (or beneath...) It's still in the making, though, so it won't be
available for some time-- I'm not even ready to display a work-in-progress
Good luck with yours.


(No nitpicking intended, but these of  course are not "translations",
but the *original* names   ; )    )

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