Bottaro and model sheets

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Mon Jul 2 15:30:18 CEST 2001

I asked about Paperiade (TL 202):
>>it. At page 53 when Daisy comes to visit the island, she seems to be 
>> >>redrawn by Perego. That is at least in the Finnish version. I've [...]
>>Is it same in every country?

and Armando replied:
>Very likely so: the art is exactly the same as in the original >edition of 
>the story.
>Furthermore, at a closer look, you'll see that Daisy seems to be >drawn by 
>Taliaferro, rather than Perego.
>My theory is that Bottaro (or, more likely, one of his assistants) >copied 
>Daisy from a Taliaferro model sheet, maybe because he was in a >hurry to 
>meet his deadline for delivering the story.

So, it IS Taliaferro. When I looked at the page, I thought "Oh my, that 
Daisy isn't right. It must be redrawn by Perego, who else could it be. Hmmm, 
it seems that Perego had a good day, the art looks a lot like Taliaferro's. 
But what would Taliaferro be doing in an Italian story? No, Perego it is." 
But it still sounds funny that he drew only one character on few panels like 
that and in the middle of the story. It wouldn't save much time. Perhaps he 
couldn't draw Daisy well at that time.

>This "heavy" usage of model sheets is very well documented at Marco 
> >Barlotti's page:

Too bad it's in Italian. But the pictures told me enough. No wonder I have 
always liked Bottaro's style.
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