Donald's Grandma Duck

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The latest Picsou contains the story "Donald's Grandma
Duck" from Vacation Parade #1. It is the first time in
France this story is published.
AFAIK, it was one of the few unreprinted Barks
stories, with rarities like "Pluto Saves the Ship",
"Donald Tells About Kites", some Daisy's diaries, and
possibly "Water Ski Race".

**** (some spoilers from now on) ******

"Donald's Grandma Duck" is based on a series of gags,
many of them obviously taken from elsewhere.

Page 1: the gag about Grandma's rocking chair is the
same as in the 14 Nov. 1938 Donald daily strip.

Page 6: gag taken from Grandma's first appearance
(Donald daily strip from 27 Sep.1943).

Page 10: ice-cream gag idea reused from the back cover
gag of Four Color 238, drawn but not written by Barks.

Page 14: "night rumors" gag idea taken from the Donald
Duck daily strip 14/11/1938.


As it was mentioned on this mailing list, the gag idea
for the 11 Sep. 1939 Donald daily strip was recently
attributed to Barks because he reused it in a later
One Shot gag. In the "Donald's Grandma Duck" case, the
story was only drawn by Barks, so that does not apply
here. And the story isn't very good IMO, being little
more than a succession of gags, unlike Barks's

But there is another daily gag from the same year as
the "Jar Beans" that later appeared in a Barks story:
the "Box Champion" Donald Duck daily gag from 11 Aug.
1939 is also used in the WDC 282 ten-pager (is it
possible that Barks had anything to do with that daily
strip gag? We'll probably never know).

Also, tThe cover gag of WDC 144 is the same as the gag
in the 13/9/1938 daily strip. But this cover idea was
not by Barks, it was submited to Barks by his editors.


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