Hazel the Witch

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Sun Jul 8 20:20:55 CEST 2001

Hi, all!

Maybe someone can help me to find the story code of a story or some more
credits about it...

Well, looking for it in the TONY STROBL Index, it was not even mentioned...
If I don'n goof!
It is in WDC # 191, and it's not included...  I quote the Index and,
appearently, seems tha TS did no stories...

W WDC 290-01  10           TS      DD  T:The Railroad Tycoon [app:US]
W WDC 292-?3   1           TS      HDL T:Choretime

But thar story Exists!
It is:

"The Witch and Beelzebub, the Broom - Halloween Haunting", pages 5, it is
the FIRST story introducing Hazel again (with her name changed, maybe
because another Witch Hazel still existed, in the ACG comics, and one more
even in the Harveys... Or maybe because Hazel was the name of Walt Disney
nurse in the same period... I don't know...
Maybe someone can help me to discover why her name was chenged.

Well, thank you!


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