New Scarpa story and more...

Halvor Sandven Halvor_Sandven at
Fri Jul 13 09:34:25 CEST 2001

David wrote:

"One reason it was chosen to appear in this particular publication
was that the Spring, Summer, and Autumn Reading sections of the Weekly ha=
to be 32 pages or less. There are a fairly limited number of "vintage" 19=
and early-1960s Scarpa stories that (A) haven't already been in the
pocketbooks and (B) are that short."

I see the problem with longer stories, but isn't it possible to have the 
stories published over two weeks? It's a shame that all these older, long 
italian stories can't be published. There are also several other artists than 
Scarpa that made very good stuff. What I really would like, is a Scandinavian 
publication in pocketbook-format that publish older, italian stories. Any 
chance for this?


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