Manga Ducks

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> >>It was a manga-version of Barks's -Something Fishy Here- (?).
> >I have seen mangas but can't imagine what this may look like.
> >Could you scan a page or explain how it looks like, please?

> I think the style is OK. You don't see much creative use of panels in
> Disney comics. There are some great ideas like the widening panels when US
> collects more and more fishes (manga1.jpg) or the panel with clock that
> says "two hours later" (manga3.jpg) when you usually get a small box in
> the corner of the panel. The story goes on pretty slowly (one page is used
> to show how US is shocked by the news of fish replacing money) but it
> doesn't bother me a lot. Hope we see more of these in the future.

Does anyone know where I might find those stories in Japanese? I don't
understand a word of the Finnish ;)


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