DCML digest, Vol 1 #438 - 17 msgs

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Tue Mar 13 13:41:43 CET 2001

From: Barry Branvold
Subject: Comparing:Scrooge and Don Rosa
>>>I do not think Don still has his first Dime, but you never know!

$crooge has his #1 Dime because it is the first of his trophies that bring
back the memories and inspirations of his long life. I don't use coins for
my memories, I use other things, most notably comic books. And I *do* still
have *my* "#1 Dime".
My sister had thousands of comics in the house when I was young, even too
young to read (and even before I was born). These would be the "trophies"
of my childhood, but I did part with them before I realized how valuable
they would someday be to my memories. I have, of course, reacquired ALL of
them (plus tens of thousands more), but they are not the SAME copies --
those are lost forever.  All except for ONE. I never parted with the one I
loved the most. I still have what is one of the world's few *one-owner
copies* of FOUR COLOR COMICS #386 (UNCLE $CROOGE #!). I did not know this
was the first issue, but I loved that story! It was the best combination of
motivation, plot, humor, action (the dam breaking panel is the greatest
single page of art in comic book history!), plus characterization and
timing (the last page of that story is, well, maybe the second best comic
page of all time?). The issue I have was bought by my sister in 1952... it
has her name written on the cover... and it features artwork by Don Rosa!
I loved this story so much, and I wanted to have *drawn* such a wonderful
story myself so much, that I scribbled my own art into all the panels.
And I keep it on a "pedestal" in my "comics vault" though I have yet to
find a bell-jar big enough for it.

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