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Tue Mar 13 16:24:52 CET 2001


>The Netherlands has a Donald Duck weekly magazine and a Donald Duck
>monthly magazine. The monthly one prints all the Rosa stories. Anything
>has never been published in the (most popular and more widely read) weekly
Just for the record, that is not true. The dutch weekly of course
published the story that Don did for them, the H-coded ones. 
>This week's weekly issue has an ad for a free insert mini-bookie in two
>weeks. It shows Donald, Joe Carioca and Panchito and it says the Three
>Cabellero's will be back together.
>I wonder if this is Rosa's Three Cabellero's story (which I thought was
>really good, btw). Harry, do you know anything about this?
He did. 
And I agree, the story Don did is fine. I hope it will be printed nicer in
Holland than in Denmark. Our Jose was turquise blue in the first part, and
Panchito was white. In Sweden and Finland it wasn't so, but Germany made
the same colouring mistake, because the right person hadn't received the
correct colorings. (Things7Mistakes like that seem to happen from time to
time at Egmont, I can find at least one in every of Don's latest stories,
and that's not because they don't do them to others - It's just that I
care most for Don's stories, among the new ones. 
>> I wonder if this is Rosa's Three Cabellero's story (which I 
>> thought was
>> really good, btw). Harry, do you know anything about this?
>Yes, I know anything about this. On January 23, I wrote to DCML:
Either you're quoting Arthur as exact as you can or I just cought you in
making one of your seldomly made linguistic mistake. :-) 
As said the Coin is in issue 14 of the weeklies in Scandinavia. Someone
told me there's a two-pager (Paper-chase) by Don in issue 17, and Don's
Beagle Boys vs. Money Bin will be out in Norway in issue 21. The question
is if it will be out ealier here in the presumed middle of the Egmont
world. - In the subscribers issue of the new weekly (due out thursday) I
saw that next issue will be 100 pages and dedicated to Barks. There will
be a biography, contests, tests, drawing guides, 2 Barks-classics (Milkman
and the old chasing-story which later was repeated in Chuckwagon Derby),
and the row of tributes from other artists to Barks starts in that issue.
That made me think if Don's contribution would be the first there? (I for
one would find it right) Isn't it quite early if it is true? Maybe they
just worked in into schedule much faster than usual. 

As said I'm a fan so I made imagine things here. 

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