Missing Donald's relative!

Blasco Pisapia blascopisapi at pop.libero.it
Fri Mar 23 14:05:47 CET 2001

Hi to everyone!

I'm temporarily de-lurking just to ask: what happened to Baldo de' Paperi?

Maybe I missed something, but reading the kilometric enumerations of 
Donald's relatives that many of you are sending to the List -and 
which I found really very interesting, since I didn't know many of 
them!- I didn't see at all  Baldo de' Paperi, an nth nephew to 
Created by Scarpa in 1980, he appeared only once in "Zio Paperone e 
il nipote ideale", in Topolino #1294. Nonetheless, I think he's a 
consistent character, a juicy anticipation of the YUPPIES to come in 
the eighties. At first, even Scrooge seems to think that this is his 
"ideal nephew" and heir...
And then, since we already have in the duck family tree a Ye-Ye and a 
sort of a Hippy, I think a Yuppy would only be appropriate! It's just 
on seeing on WHICH branch of the tree Baldo could eventually be 

Best wishes

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