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>In Super Picsou Géant n 125 bis,  S77142 "Donald et
>le cousin bavard", (The Big Mouth, by Tony Strobl,
>as showed at the inducks -- Except that my version
>has 9 pages and it is said to have 7 in the
>inducks, but It's the same story, as the
>italian translated title is the same than in french

The story was originally 7 pages long, in 4-tier rows.
The Italian reformated the layout to 3-tier rows per
page, hence 2 pages more. And the French re-used the
Italian verion (most of the stories in "Super Picsou
Géant" come from Italian "Super Almanacco Paperino").

>Also in JM 2357, in H951189, "Donald est classieux",
>we see in a frame, at Daisy's, a female Duck:
>Aunt Azalée...

I can't check the story right now, but "Aunt Eider" is
"Tante Azalée Zoa" in France. They are probably
completely different characters though. I don't think
that Mau would make a reference to this oooolld
character from the "Studio" period.

>Does anybody know his english name?

These stories are made for Holland. There may be no
English name.

>Pluto's nephew in a comic from the 55's

Do you have Uncle Giddy (from a Mickey Suday Page),
one of Rich's favorite character?

>Gyro's great grandparents in a story without code in
>PM 62 

They're all identified in Inducks so let me know

PM   62b    S 74254       15                    US 
Sombre histoire de miroirs [xapp:HDL,DD,GY,US]
PM   62g    S 69020       10                    HDL
Une dent contre le dentiste [desc-fr:Balade dans le
passé parmi les indiens] [xapp:DD,GY,HDL]

I guess S 69020?

>Minnie's uncle in D94008 (in french, Briney)

According to the data I have this is an error by the
French translator. He really is Captain Churchmouse.

>Gyro's and Goofy's ancestors in D210201 ( Dinguidor
>and Bertrand in french)

What kind of code is that? It should be either
D+5digits (year and a number) or D 2000-3digits.

>Goofy's Aunt in WMM 143 ( Tante Hinette, in french)

Inducks says Aunt Hattie.

>In JDM 2338's Donald's speaks english, there is a
>little hunter human Boy
>called Li'l Davy who lives at Mickey's and is raised
>by him... Somebody know
>who is it?

Mickey first met L'il Davy (P'tit David in France) in
the last Gottfredson serial in 1955 ending october
10th. The only publication in French I know is Mickey
Magazine (Belgium) 400 if you have it.
He reappeared then in the dailies many times. Many
strips from these period were published in the 10-15
last issues of Mickey Poche and a few recently in the
"Donald Speaks English" pages.
But he was also used in a few comic-books in the US,
and one of them was reprinted in France in issue 1755
of JM (I think) with Goofy, "Trick Or Treaty" in OS
About his exact origin in Gottfredson's story, I can't
say exactly. L'il Davy is a smart little scout boy who
is not used to civilisation but is for instance able
to speak to animals etc.


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