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Wow. What a list, once again!

By the way, when there's no story code (only "JM 171",
for isntance), could you please sum up the story?

I've already stated my opinion regarding anyone's attempt
to make a tree out of  the various (often one-shot) characters
you can find in the many mouse/duck multiverses. Apocryphal
stories? Probably should be considered so as regards such
attempts at making coherence out of  incoherence, if  only to
make things simpler. But no reason to definitely ban
characters / stories because there are not by the major m&d men!
It has nothing to do with the quality of  the stories / art.
And certainly no reason to encourage such attempts.

So here's what I have that may be of  some help--
mostly Gottfredson references. As a matter of  fact, these should
be included in my site's "Who's Who", with scans, when I can.

1/    Tante Azalée:    Don't know.  The English for it is "azalea",
        but it's the *original* name, or if  it can't be found, the one
        you have, that should be used, rather than yet another version.

2/    I've thumbed through my colection of  "Mickey Parade",
       to introduce you to another relative, but I either missed the
       issue or thumbed too fast, and eventullay haven't found it yet.
       He's a cousin who's just graduated from a prestigious university;
       Scrooge hiers him; he is very ambitious and wants to dig another
       Panama Canal.

3/    Do you know "Tante Graçieuse" from I-T 230-A1 / 231 A2,
       reprinted in MP 50 (1984-- I was 10!) as "Mickey et le Collier Chirikawa"
       ("Mickey and the Chirikawa necklace)?

4/    >> Minnie's aunt  (named Matilde in french), in JM 193
       Don't know if  it's the same, but I suppose.
       In Gottfredson's "Sheriff of  Nugget Gulch" (1937 Sunday strip reprinted in
       Gladstone's "The Biggest Big Mickey Mouse"), Minnie is staying at her
       uncle's , in Nugget Gulch. Actually, Mickey & Goofy only meet Aunt Matilda,
       a tall Minnie look-alike with Scrooge specs & a Grandma Duck bun.

5/   Minnie's rich Uncle Mortimer appears in "Mickey Mouse in Death Valley"
      (April 1 - Sept 20, 1930)

6/    In the next continuity, "Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers" (Sept 22 - Dec 26, 1930),
       you get to meet Minnie's parents!
       First, (Oct 15), Minnie shows Slicker the family album: "Didn't people dress funny in
       the old days, Mr Slicker? Here is my grandpa, Marshal Mouse-- and that's Grandmother
       Matilda Mouse-- this group down here is Uncle Milton Mouse and his family!"
       (This strip was reprinted in a prestige format comic but couldn't find-- must really be
       thumbing too fast; I checked the contents tables though; must be somewhere on my
       desk, under several layers of  other comics...)
      October 25: Enter Mr and Mrs Mouse-- and exit the first eggs.

7/    Jump forward to 1941 (I hope I am not forgetting anything): "Love Trouble", which you
        probably know since it was reprinted in PM 322 (Nov 98)-- they have the date wrong
        in their introduction: it's not 1942; the strip ran April 14 - July 5, 1941 (you can even
        it in the copyright small print of  every first panel. The story co-stars Mickey's "cousin
        from the city... Madeline Mouse!"

8/    "The Gleam" (Jan 19- May 2, 1942).
       Minnie asks Mickey & Goofy (22) to meet her Uncle Dudley & Aunt Martha Mousegomery
       at the station ("Well, Aunt Martha is sort of  tall and fat in a qhort, slender way! And
       Dudley is rich, wears a clean-shaven beard and is much taller than he is short!" Hozzat
       for a description?), which they do (23). This is the first strip (in the dailies at least)
       Minnie's full name is used: Minerva. However, you can't use these characters in your tree.
       If  you want to know why, there's a spoiler at the very end of  this message. I only mention
       them in case you found a passing reference to them, so you might know.

9/    "The 'Lectro Box" (Oct 25, 1943 - Feb 5, 1944).
        Gag involving a portrait of  Minnie's aunt (no name) (Nov 26).
        Then one night (Dec 10-11), while Mickey's asleep, the box conjures up one of
        his ancestors; Goofy meets him (11):
        "I'm Mickey's great-great-great-grandfather... Jonathan Mouse!"
        "Gawrsh! A ghost!"
        "Not exactly! On a light star billions of  miles away, the image of  my living self is
        just arriving from the Earth... The electrons in that box magnify it and return it here
        ("The light star is about 180 years behind the earth!" That's 1763)
        And Goofy gets to meet "great-great-great-grandpapy Josh"; "He wuz a great Indian fighter!"
        Mickey takes Jonathan to the University to meet Professor J.M. Redundant, MS, PhD,
        and as they pass security, we get to see Jonathan's birth certificate (Dec 20):
        "Commonwealth of  Massachusetts
        Certificate of  Birth
        Jonathan Tobias Mouse
        Date of  birth:    Sept 30, 1754
        Place of  birth:   Wyvern's Tavern
        City of  Worcester
        Parents:    Nathaniel John Mouse
                         Patience Pricilla Mouse"

10/    Mickey inherits "The House of  Mystery" from his great-uncle, Maximilian Mouse
        (Nov 13, 1944 - Jan 27, 1945). Vintage spooky Walsh / Gottfredson. "Great-uncle Max
        was the official black ship of  the family!" "As a detective, he was diabolically clever",
        adds Mr Phinaigle, Attorney-at-Law-- but "some of  his clients were a little peculiar..."

11/    Gag-a-day strip, Oct 1, 1945: Mickey asked a genealogists to do some research.
         Three ancestors: "Long John Mouse", a pirate (1642)
                                       "Dick 'Stand and Deliver' Mouse" (1742)-- RobinHood costume,

but not a nice character
                                        "'Tex' Mouse, terror of  the Southwest" (1869)

12/    Feb 25 - March 2, 1946:    Mickey's great-grandfather, Albemarle Mouse, visits him.
         I remember a strip in which Mickey meets another ancestor

13/    June 17, 1946: (Minnie) "We're so crowded at my house, Mickey... Could you put up
         Aunt Marissa for a few days?" She stays till June 29.

14/    >>Goofy's uncle (Toc, in french) in JM 171
        Could there be a confusion? (Wombat is mentioned later in your list, though)
        "Uncle Wombat's Tock Tock Time Machine (Oct 22, 1951 - Jan 19, 1952).
        "In fact... Uncle Wombat's just about the dumbest member of  our family!"
        "Dumber than your cousin Washburn?" Indeed, and-- "He's proud of  it!"
        But he's also an inventor

15/    Li'l Davy: François answered this, but here goes...
         June 27 - Oct 4, 1955
         He just comes out of  the blue: during the night Mickey hears someone singing
         "Davy-- Davy Crockett! King of  the wild frontier!"
         He makes his entrance on June 29 and Mickey just invites him in.
         I see Jiminy Cricket also appears later on, dressed like Daby and then the two
         of  them seem to always be together. Davy appears again in later '55 strips.
         Can't tell you more: I'm reading the strips (and discovering most of  them) in
         chronological order and haven't reached this yet-- still in 1952.
        I remember seeing him in a "Spécial Journal de Mickey Géant"; will look for it.

A nice week-end to you all!
(SPOILER for 8/ further down)


Minnie does not have an Uncle Dudley nor an Aunt Martha Mousegomery...

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