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Mon Mar 26 10:44:48 CEST 2001

I understand that you're a disappointed person. But
maybe you should ask Don what went wrong at that con. 

>-- except how he's taken advantage
> of by disney and ebay.  
I don't think Disney knows who Don is. Egmont and
other publishers might tsake advantage of Rosa from
time to time, by using his name as an ad for an issue.

At the moment in Norway Tronsmo might also earn extra
money by selling a special edition of their Don Rosa
archieves set. 

I'm not sure what you mean by Don or Ebay taking
advantage of the other?

> he was so afraid someone who was posing as a fan
> might slip through, get his 
> autograph and then turn around and sell it 
This does happen, though. I see it every once in a
while when i check ebay for Don Rosa. Socalled fans
are selling their autographed books, fandrawings, and
even norwegian duck family trees (even though the
person didn't know it was norwegian)

> that he
> alienated a lot of 
> longtime fans who had no intention of doing anything
> other than meeting him, 
> talking ducks, treasuring the experience and
> displaying his work in a place 
> of honor on their wall. 
That is of course a pitty. But if Don had too many
experiences with non-fans, but speculators that day, I
understand his reaction fully. 

> i'd be flattered, not
> frightened, if someone wanted 
> my autograph. i wish him well, and all of you who
> are going to the event. i 
> hope you're not too disappointed when you meet a
> pinched and crabby man who 
> thinks his fans are interested in him and his work
> soley to make a few 
> dollars by selling it to another fan. 
Of course he doesn't think that. Don knows the
difference between a fan and a speculator. 
> it's not so
> and he knows it.
Yes, he does. 

Naturally fans can be negative towards thir idols at
times, but I wonder if too much negativeness doesn't
destroys a fandom. 

I'm looking forward to hear from norwegians who met
Don, and I'm sure they didn't see what you say. 


Anders Christian Sivebaek
acsive at

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