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I am making tons of new sections for my site at the same time...
One is "A feeling of déja-vu", a section showing redrawn panels of Barks by 
Don Rosa (for instance, the one in Lo$ 12 and the one from Xmas in Bear mt )
another one is "The trophy's room", with the trophies
another one is Scrooge's zoo
another one is existant characters in Barks/Rosa stories,
another one is the mayors of Duckburg
another one is the civilisations (Tralla lalians, Plainawfultonians, 
Peeweegahs, martians...)
and another one is a chronology of Barks/Rosa stories.

I am going to explain the last one : all the stories of Barks/Rosa with 
Scrooge take place between 1947 and 1960, because Scrooge died in 1967, and 
the nephews would look much older if it was after 1960 (they are born ca 1940)
Some of the stories, such as the one with Culebra Cut, have chronological 
clues, like newspapers, or "The 50 first years of SCrooge in Duckburg" (that 
is to say 1952)...
For instance, we can also tell that all the stories with the crown of Genghis 
khan take place before "Return to Xanadu", as the crown disappear in it. Or 
we can see that a story happens after "Last sled to Dawson", because we can 
see the pickaxe and the woodchuck hat of scrooge....

so it is going to be hard, but I will do it!!!

I will also have tons of questions, of course.
I don't have the following stories : "The universal solvent", "The Beagle 
boys vs the money Bin", "The war of the Wendigo", "The cruisader king".
If there are some redrawn panels in them, could you send me scans???

are there cronological references in those stories?

Now about the Tralla lalians :

They are in a perfect happiness before the arrival of Scrooge and Donald.
They didn't know the hate.
But you must feel something bad, for instance if you are in love with a girl, 
but that another *µ£$¤@ guy goes out with her...
But THEY don't feel that.
Could they be polygam, to you (I am not sure about the existence of this 
word... I meen do you think in their country, a man can have more than one 
women, or a woman can have several husbands)?


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