Pools & HooZoo!

Rich Bellacera xephyr at onemain.com
Fri Oct 5 00:46:53 CEST 2001


First let me say HI again!  I'm back.

Re: The Pool of Hated characters:

Why should anyone actually "hate" any of these characters?
I'm not too familiar with some, and there are a few I'm not real
partial to seeing, but I figure there might be some folks who like
them and why not let them read stories about them?  I'd actually
love to see more stories with some of the above character, too!

>Does anybody know what's happened to Rick's HooZoo pages? 
>The link on dcml's page d
Sorry Vidar.  My Internet Service was bought out by Earthlink
recently and I've been at war with them for the past couple of
months.  They have taken down the server which stored my entire
website because they are forcing all of their little "acquisitions"
( like my former ISP "OneMain.Com") to conform to their new
format.  I haven't had the time to slowly redo the entire website.
Arrrgh! I'm really frustrated with what they've done to my site
and I have no idea when i will be able to reformat the whole thing
and upload it to their new server.  Sigh.  My apologies to everyone.

Oh, and you may notice that I have a new e-mail address.  I'm
afraid someone who had my old address in their address book
was infected with the SirCam Virus and it was constantly bombarding
my old address with spam!  As a result I had to chuck the old one
though i do try to check it for stray mail that makes it in between all
the garbage I get there.

Sigh.... I guess when it "rains" it "pours"!

Hopefully it won't be too long before I have the site up again.  I guess
I can take this opportunity to streamline it some, too.  I'll keep in touch.

Rich Bellacera

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