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Fabio Blanco longtom at oeste.com.ar
Sun Oct 7 21:42:40 CEST 2001

HelpToday's my birthday. If you not like my idea be nice with me :) 

I dont understand none a piece of the mess about publications troubles in USA. I was talking about avalibity of launc a Disney comic book in Argentina and EVERYBODY look at me like I am crazy. 
Well, maybe... I really want anothers fans reading Barks and Rosa and Strobl and Jippes, etc. I want have Don Rosa like guest in some comic convention in Buenos Aires... Maybe I am only dreaming. Comments about?

But well, I want talk about another thing. I read today the PICSOU that include "The Return of the 3 Caballeros" (great!) and a Barks history about the troubles of Donald like Fireman (pompier, bombero). This is a clear hommage to the noble volunteers of the brave fire corps, and is deliciously emotive. 
I finished and did think: "That would be a great charity's comic book for the victims firemen's families of the WTC tragedy". And why not? Is like say... Hey, here is the comic we love, yet great, yet noble, and NECESSARY!!!! 

Please I hope the people related to Disney et:al can say us if that's is or not a good idea: A especial comic book for charity... a born again Disney comic that make realize everybody how missing are Donald and Scrooge and the entire Duckburg family... 

(I did write that, some hours ago. Now I am hearing about the unlash of the war... Alas!)

Fabio Blanco
bonvolu postu al longtom at oeste.com.ar  

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