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In France, Sorceress and witch is translated the same word : "Sorcière"

For instance, we could say that Hazel is a witch (but a gentle witch), but 
not the same kind of the one from  Barks' "The Golden Christmas Tree" from OS 
203 ( A witch who looks a lot like the one from Snow white--personnaly, I 
hate to see Madam Mim or the Witch from Snow white in comicbooks...), or 
another one (I dunno what story she is frpm, but she is seen in a oilpainting 
with Smorgie too, and she is human, tall, blach haired and wearing a red 
dress). They are evil and deal with dark powers, but Hazel is nicer. 
I don't know, for Magica, as , even in Don Rosa's stories, she has bones and 
human skulls in her house... In Ducktales, she made her own brother become a 
raven, and in videogames, she lives in a manor and flyes... Maybe she is just 
a sorceress in Barks/Rosa universe, who buys unexpensive magic stuffs in 
stores, but she is definitely a witch in the whole Disney universe...

So don't mistake sorceress, evil witches, and gentle witches ;-)

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