DCML digest #698

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Fri Oct 12 14:19:15 CEST 2001

From: "Pedro Cravo" <pcravo at hotmail.com>
>>>To finish up, Don, I’d like to know when you’ll be here, so that I can
program my schedule. The Festival starts October 19th and finishes November
4th, but I expect you’ll only be present one of the weekends. Is this

They suggested the middle weekend... I assume that's the busiest? I'll be
there on Oct. 26-29, leave on the 30th. But does anything happen on Monday
the 29th? I'm staying that day only because there are no flights home until
the next day, and I figured maybe I'd just sightsee,
But don't be looking for any "Life of $crooge" book this year. I wrote an
introduction and some texts and sent some pictures to the publisher for
this book... but they seem to be having problems... and they decided they
could not publish the book after all.
I was actually surprised to learn there *was* a Disney comics licensee in
Portugal! I never saw any Disney comics when I was there four years ago,
and I figured that I was a guest just because the Oporto convention
organizers were comics buffs and liked my work. Do you have Disney comics
there? Very many? Very often? Many of my stories? Will anyone else there
know who I am? I always sorta like to know what to be prepared for -- will
I just sit and twiddle my thumbs like when I'm in America, will I need
bodyguards like when I'm in Finland, or something in between?

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