World citizens of Duckburg

Shelley Hanson/KlezmerAllThatJazz klezmerallthatjazz at
Fri Oct 12 18:08:26 CEST 2001

Please ignore trolls from whatever country. They shrivel up and disappear
when no one responds to their stupidity. Responding to them in any way only
makes them continue bothering us. I will not waste any of our time again
with attention to such matters.

Off-topic: I envy those who have not discovered the Calvin and Hobbes comics
referenced here in another post -- they are fantastic and well worth
investigating. This is very off-topic -- I'm sure there are many sites
dealing with Bill Watterston's genius and am just throwing that in here so
that this message discusses something that is more interesting than trolls
(with all due respect to our Scandinavian members who like REAL trolls, not
the internet kind!)

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