Barks and magic

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Mon Oct 15 09:32:33 CEST 2001

Don Rosa wrote:

>Barks, for some reason, seemed to really
>disdain the use of a character with occult powers... his previous uses of

This remains me a fact I've realised in Bark's tales (I don't know if this
has been discused here before): He *never* uses any real magic or
supernatural facts in his stories; even when it seems to be some paranormal
phenomenia, at the end it turns out to have some certain scientifical
explanation (even more if we consideer Magica's spells as chemistry, maybe).
Look, for instance, the "Flying Dutchman" or the "Old Castle's secret"
stories... I wonder if this has something to deal with his personal beliefs.
Any suggestion about this? Any story with real supernatural-facts which I

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