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Mon Oct 15 12:14:10 CEST 2001

	Hey, Carmen...

>And, off-topic, but someone mentioned Tolkien in a recent mailing. I 
>teach his books to my high-school students & I've been wondering if much 
>cross-over exists between the fans of ducks & hobbits. I'm thinking perhaps

>duck fans may enjoy Tolkien... but most Tolkien people I know have never 
>heard of the ducks.

	There *is* a Duck/Tolkien crossover.
	It's "A World Beyond"- D 97572, a 73-page Egmont pocketbook story
published last year. "Sandalf" the wizard chooses Donald to lead a bunch of
hobbit-like characters on an adventure. Needless to say, Donald being the
duck that he is, he's more the kind to talk about noble deeds than actually
do them, but now he's stuck in an uncomfortable spot...
	By Spectrum Associates (Eddie and David O' Connor) and José
Manrique, I think it's a very good story... but as a disciple of its editor
Byron Erickson, I'm biased!

	David Gerstein

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