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Olaf Solstrand harryklein at
Mon Oct 15 14:41:15 CEST 2001

>And despite Mr. Rosa's protestations that his artwork is not what
>he wishes it to be, I think Magica is beautifully drawn and--dare
>I say this about a comic duck?--sexy.

That IS a fact! When Magica is drawn correct, she is beautiful! She's a very 
erotic and exotic character, and when you add the spells and potions... 
She's beautiful. Something about her reminds me of the Norwegian comic 
character "Nemi", for those of you who've heard about her. (I know the 
strips are printed in Norway and Sweden, maybe other places as well?)

>My questions for Don Rosa or whoever... if Calisota is a
>state near California and Oregon...

Don Rosa's version of Calisota is the northern part of California. In MY 
version, I added the southern bits of Oregon, because I wanted the home of 
Carl Barks to be located in Calisota. You can find a map over Calisota, as I 
see it, at
The only words you could have problems understanding there are Andeby 
(=Duckburg) and Gåseby (=Goosetown).

>How much stars have the american flagg of the duck's America?
>Err... thinking now... thats is in the fifties. I am not sure
>how much state they had then...

In the fifties, before Alaska and Hawaii came along, USA had 48 states. As 
far as I remember, someone have mentioned on the list that in a CB story, 
someone was asked in a quiz contest how many states America had, and the 
answer was 48. This is also my opinion - since an extra state would 
influence among other things THE AMERICAN FLAG, which should be holy for all 
Americans. That must mean that one of the states in USA today should not be 
there... My theory is that North Dakota and South Dakota has been shrimped 
into ONE state named "Dakota". Maybe that sounds weird for the Americans on 
the list. Maybe another solution is that two of the tiny little states on 
the west coast could be joined to one (how big is Rhode Island?). Does this 
sound like a drastic thought? Well... it's better than ruining the Stars and 

Santiago Garcia Banhos:
>Any story with real supernatural-facts which I forget?

"Trick or threat". But I guess Barks only drew that. And even though Magica 
may not be magic, her spells definitely are.


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