Return of the Duck (OT or no OT?)

Fabio Blanco longtom at
Wed Oct 17 04:08:58 CEST 2001

HelpI hope all of you'll buy the comic that return I think in January from (increbly) Marvel Comics. 
Steve Gerber return to write HOWARD THE DUCK for a 6 issues miniseries (into the new MAX imprint), beyond the problems that about the character have DZNEE... (I read about but is more messy than the argentine politics).
Whatever, in this new miniseries Howard became a MOUSE and I think another animals too... 

Beside this launch are the another for the same date (January?): The Essential HDD reprinting in B&W 29 classics numbers of the Gerber's original series... (very low price, btw)

I hope all the Howard and Gerber fans in the list take a look to these new comics. If they are a success I'll can read more of one my favorite characters 

Obligatory Quote: Why a duck? :)

(summer in Buenos Aires)
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