Tolkien and Disney Comic fans

Oyvind J. Karstad oyvind at
Wed Oct 17 21:08:09 CEST 2001

>    And, off-topic, but someone mentioned Tolkien in a recent mailing. I 
>teach his books to my high-school students & I've been wondering if much 
>cross-over exists between the fans of ducks & hobbits. 

Here's one, and I know several others.

>There *is* a Duck/Tolkien crossover.
>It's "A World Beyond"- D 97572, a 73-page Egmont pocketbook story
>published last year. "Sandalf" the wizard chooses Donald to lead a bunch of
>hobbit-like characters on an adventure.

>There is another one too. I TL 2081-1, I TL 2082-4 (Paperino          
>e il signore del Padello, Lord of the Pot) by Giorgio Pezzin          
>and Franco Valussi.

I have to get those stories!


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