Enrico Faccini

Ari Seppi mani at iki.fi
Thu Oct 18 15:54:25 CEST 2001

>Soren wrote:
> > Just curious to know, what you (especially the Italians on this list)
> > think about Enrico Faccini's art. I think he simply becomes better and
> > better--one of the very best "newer" Italian artists IMO. I like the
> > way he is inspired by the classic tradition (esp. Scarpa) but in
> > contrast to others (Dalla Santa, Del Conte and more) this is
> > so full of dynamic.
>100% agree!

Me too. I only have the most recent of his stories published in Finland
at hand (I TL 2344-5, Paperino e il rituale scaramantico), but based on
that his stories are funny.

All those rituals to drive away bad luck: hilarious.

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