DCML digest, Vol 1 #705 - 9 msgs

Mark A. Semich mas at fortress.am
Fri Oct 19 16:06:24 CEST 2001

Gary Leach <bangfish at cableone.net> wrote:

> A Disney comics distribution deal through Dark Horse, a la
> Gladstone/Marvel? Won't happen. Dark Horse is doing Disney projects on
> a case-by-case basis, and they have no interest at this time in doing
> a "line", which would the only (barely) sane reason for A) buying the
> newsstand print runs of Disney comics produced by another publisher
> and B) taking the resultant hit on returns.

Could a "case-by-case" basis include something like an occasional
graphic novel or mini-series of Don Rosa's new stories, or maybe of
other material that fans would be interested in?

- M

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