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Tue Oct 23 19:18:18 CEST 2001

Did anybody talk about family tree????
Where??? Where???
Is there any way for me to get this book?
Can anybody buy it for me and I will give him the money by the post (without 
white powder, of course)?

>>>Gus has a sister called Greta
can anybody scan her for me, or buy the comic book in which she will appear 
and send it to me?
In a first version of my Duck family tree, I invented a sister for gus called 
Grace Goose, and a grandma for him called Greta Gawky!

>>>Daisy is Grandma's grandniece
great I had the same idea in MY Duck Family TRee!!!

About Daisy's brother FRed, can anybody make scan of him?

Is he any of the characters appearing in the German Duck Family Tree from my 

About this tree, I just noticed something about it :
I shows three ancestors called, in the german version, something like Dorian, 
Detlef, and David Dickhelm Duck (it is written so little... I am not sure). 
(they are from Cornelius Coot's branch)
Those characters are also in my Duck Family Tree:
The last one is called by his french name, in it : Crockett.

Does anybody know what story They comes from?

Now I have to update my Duck family tree once again... It turns to be a Duck 
family forest!!!

THank u
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