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Joe Gould wrote:

When Western took their
comics liscences and production from Dell to start
        their own Gold Key (/Whitman/Western ) company

Some argument could be made that Gold Key/Whitman was a new company, but the
reality is it was Western's new house identity for continuing what it had
been doing for decades, the only significant difference being that the
comics were no longer distributed by Dell.

Dell, as most folks know, was not actually the publisher of 1940s and 1950s
Disney comics, but only the newsstand distributor. Western held the
publishing license and did the production and oversaw the printing, but as
the newsstand distributor, the company actually getting the books out to
market, Dell was entitled to some perks, such as having their imprint on the
books. This seemed to be fine with Western at the time, since Dell was
already a well known imprint and the business and revenue arrangements would
have been little altered by calling them, say, Golden Comics. Upon breaking
with Dell Western finally decided to initiate their own imprints, but this
did not change the publisher of longstanding record: Western.

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