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Sun Oct 28 23:04:35 CET 2001

I said:
>>Vicar doesn't look like this. He has no pointy mustaches or huge

But you can check him by yourself, as I scanned photo of him on my pages:
(You can also see how I look like, I'm left to mr Vicar :-)
So he possibly look just a little bit like mr Victor in "The Cartoonist" (D 
97258), but not much, or..? (Maybe he was more like "Victor" when he was 

>Anyway, all thanks to Vicar for being what he's been and for doing what 

Indeed! He's really good artist what comes to graphics and very friendly 
gentleman. :-)

>Vicar himself obviously didn't want the figure to look like
>him, or maybe he never realized that this figure was himself?

Cant say nothing much about that. He really had difficulties to remember 
that particular story. But it's no wonder since he produce so much, nearly 
every other Weekly has one of his comics.(!).

BUT: the web page about Disney-artists appearing in their own comics is 
really a good idea!


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