KOMIX #161

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at cti.gr
Tue Oct 30 07:48:21 CET 2001

Here's what's in this month's issue of Komix:

* Cover by Carl Barks, with the airbrush coloring used in a Dutch edition.
  I have put a scan in http://dias.cti.gr/~kyrimis/pics/komix161.jpg
* A two-page letters column. In one of the letters they give a pretty
  reasonable (and quite incorrect) answer to a reader asking why all
  dialogs end with an exclamation mark rather than a period.
* A three-page article with "The news of Komix". Among other items,
  we learn that a street in Paris is going to be named after Rene
  Gosciny. I wonder if Americans are going to honor their great story
  teller in a similar fashion.
* Paul Murry's "Rule's 'n' Regulations" from the May 1950 "Four Color
  Comics" [sic] magazine.
* A two-page article titled "The first steps of a story-teller", subtitled
  "Donald Munchhousen...a forgotten script by Carl Barks".
* Don's "Fit to be Pied" (AR 108).
* A one-page article titled "From the Drachma to the Euro", subtitled "the
  adventure of a three thousand year old coin".
* A one-page article titled "Features of Euro coins", subtitled "the size,
  thickness, and color of the eight coins varies with their value".
* Josep Tello Gonzales' "Pintoretto da Riscatto" (D 4471). [Despite what
  people say about Tello, I love the way he reproduces Murry's style.]
* Part four of you-know-what. I've said enough on the subject!
* The two-page ad about Harry Potter trading cards, masquerading as
  an article has been moved to the last page and the inside back cover
  of the magazine.  Let's hope that in the next issue it is moved even
  further back.

And now for some good news: Next issue, although free of non-Disney
material, is still going to be "fortified" (with an accompanying
"fortified" price).  There is no indication that this is a special
Christmas issue (in fact, its coming out on November 23 rather precludes
this), so I guess the price increase *is* going to be accompanied by an
increase in page count, after all.  What's more, beginning last month
(which I should have noticed before complaining), they are now giving
the correct euro equivalent, rounding to the nearest cent (in this case
rounding down!) as they should, so Komix now costs only 2.64 euros rather
than 2.70!

Next month's "fortified" issue will contain Don's "Hearts of the Yukon"
and Hank Porter's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". I usually don't
announce next month's issue's contents, but I can't wait till next month
to mention that I have this story in a publication produced by Gladstone
in 1987. This is a large size publication, complete with articles, a
showcase of Snow White drawings by Gustaf Tenggren, a Snow White poster
from a painting commisioned by Gladstone from Ron Dias, and a bunch of
trading stickers. Other than an old Gladstone back issues catalog, from
which I had bought it, I haven't seen this album mentioned anywhere. I
wonder if it is some kind of rarity. (No, it's not for sale!)

Due to various circumstances, I have not translated anything from last
month's issue of Komix yet. As there are no Rosa-related articles this
month, I will be making last month's translations this month, and I'll
be posting them as soon as they are ready.
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