What was the name of the Gyro invention...

Olaf Solstrand harryklein at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 30 12:17:54 CET 2001


-----I guess you can call this some kind of spoiler... but I guess you all 
have read most Carl Barks stories anyway?

Once upon a time, Carl Barks wrote a story where Huey, Dewey and Louie was 
very fond of scary magazines and other stuff Donald ment they should keep 
away from. Therefor, Donald went to Gyro and borrowed a machine that could 
send things from the machine into another machine in another room. A kind of 
teleport. The machine also looked a bit spooky, so Donald put one of the 
machines in his living room and tells the boys that he's going out for the 
evening. When they start reading their magazine again, Donald comes through 
the machine and scares them. But the power wires fall down, and something 
goes terribly wrong...

What I need to know, is; what was the name of this machine, and what was the 
story name/code for this story? The reason I need to know this is that I'm 
working on my new script now, and after some guiding tips from Byron 
Erickson I know I need some kind of Gyro invention that could work almost 
just like this one. Why should he invent a new one when Carl Barks already 
have done it? :) So; what was the name of this machine?


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