Book fair in Göteborg

Theresa Wiegert f95thwi at
Sat Sep 1 02:57:02 CEST 2001

Nils Lid Hjort: 
I found a web address for the swedish book
But I didn't find it very informative. Well, if you look closely, you
can find out how to get there, and so on. Prices, other things. But it
doesn't say anything about what times different events will take place. 

Yes, I'm going to the fair (I live in Göteborg, so it would be silly not
to! :) And the fair is an exciting place! It's very big, and there are so
many things to see, and you always come home with something fun. Last time
I got a painting of a sheep hanging after a balloon. (Hmm, you wouldn't
understand what is fun by that if you don't know me better, but I have a
strange relationship to sheep, and big balloons) And the time before that
I met our friend Don Rosa. That was an interesting day for me - I had
sneaked in with the aid of my mother, who was there as a journalist (the
first day, "ordinary" people aren't allowed in, just specialized people,
so I wasn't allowed to come...) We went to a comic thing in a seminar
room, where some famous swedes talked, and then Don Rosa turned up and
received a price, and talked some. 
Afterwards my mother disappeared, I stood and waited for some inspiration
to come, because I didn't know where to go. And then Don came out of the
door as well, standing by himself waiting for someone (do you remember
this Don? It was a couple of years ago). "Now or never" I thought, and
went to him to shake hands and introduce myself. A bit shaky, because I'm
usually a bit nervous, and I *never* go forth to talk to people who don't
know me just like that (swedish behaviour I suppose... swedes are somewhat
cautious concerning other people). "what am I doing???", I thought wildly,
"and what am I going to say next?" (My english is rusty when not
practised, and I do mean rusty, I can hardly say a word when I get
nervous!:) But I didn't really have to say anything, Don was very nice and
we talked a while. 
So nice things happen at those fairs! 

yawn... (it's late, which means that I could continue writing for a long
while, without saying much of importance). Btw, are there others then me
out there who are fascinated by mallards? (I hope I've got the right word
now, I'm talking about birdies who look like ducks, and swim around in
lakes and small rivers, the female is brown
and the male is beautifully green on the neck). All (few) I know who
like mallards are great donaldists as well. connection? 
They are so adorable going around with there flat foots pointing slightly
inwards, saying "Wä Wä!" :)

hm. I'd better say good night now (it's 3 am)

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