Goofy313g@aol.com Goofy313g at aol.com
Sat Sep 1 14:12:01 CEST 2001

I feel very sad about reading dis message :-(
I just cannot understand how people such as ya speak that way, and with no reason way, about millions of people he dunno, who have choosen a way of life, who are proud of it, or maybe who regret, or who haven't chosen it and have to go one with it, all a bunch of different people with different personnalities who even didn't ask u anything. No more than insulting and racism.
It is because of people such as you that our world will always stay as unperfect as it is now.
I feel also very sad that you can think such things, because all your life has been and also will be if you don't do anything, loveless, sad and no use.
I guess I shouldn't care about that, and also forgive people who just dunno what they are telling.
A Big Hello from FRANCE and EUROPE to all yhe DCMAILIANS from FRANCE, EUROPE, But also AMERICA and ALL THE WORLD!!!
Excuse my french and my offtopicness...

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