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Fri Aug 2 15:43:33 CEST 2002

>And I fully second your opinion on this, Per. People in here sometimes
>seem to take it very personal, if someone dares to question the
>"landmarks" of Don.

Yes, some people are too fanatic, either in loving or in hating Don
and his work. (Sometimes they can even be funny as readers of
a Finnish comics newsgroup know, but that is beside the point.)
I didn't take Øyvind for one, I assumed that his sigh was about
the fight that might start once again and not about Per's opinions.

You are also right about that we need lots of different artist with
different styles.

>My utterance about Rosa's popularity outside of donaldist cicles, is only
>based on my own feelings, when discussing duck-comics with less familiar
>duck-reading friends, and they do not seem to appreciate the storeis as
>anything special, it's his drawings that are special, and those haven't been
>discussed at all here.

Well, jokes are a part of a story, some of Don's stories are very
funny, and you don't have to be a donaldist to understand the jokes.
By the way, do your friends appreciate, for example, Van Horn
stories as something special, then? Or is it that they think that
no one is anything special?

>For example, he is the only artist (except of
>Barks) that are mentioned as anything special in the Donald Duck-magazines,
>when there really is plenty good artists.

Really? Do you mean that they are the only artists mentioned
in covers or that there are no articles, news items or anything
about other artists? If it's the latter I have to say: Huh! I think
that is very strange.

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