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> Here in Germany there have been four album series dedicated to a
> special artist up to now.
> The first and biggest one is the "Barks Library", which is taken over
> from the Gladstone album series (and has been extended a little bit).
> Then there war a William Van Horn album series, which was
> unfortunately canceled after no. 7.
> Then there's the Don Rosa album series, which includes 27 albums up
> to now.
> And there's a Daan Jippes album series with four albums up to
> now.
> So it's not just Don Rosa and Carl Barks who the editors take care
> off.
> In "Die tollsten Geschichten von Donald Duck" nearly every artist is
> mentioned on the cover, Vicar, Branca, Rosa, Barks, Jippes, Van Horn
> etc. And there are articles about several artists.
> It's true that Don Rosa and Carl Barks are mentioned more often, but
> that's just what many (or even most?) of the readers want.
> Arne.

Wish it wat that way here in Sweden too...

Per Martinson

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