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Sat Aug 10 22:38:00 CEST 2002

Hi all
In Scandinavia (incl. Finland) and Germany reprints of the first
DD-magazines have been printed for some years - depending on the
jubilee of the publication. Ours started in 1949 and so in 1999 they
published the reprint of the year, with a long foreword by a danish
barks-fan. This tradtion has been kept, even though the years was first
parted in 2 and now in 3. 
I was surprised and proud when I was first mailed by my acquaintance,
the editor, the I phoned him and later meet him about me writing the
forewords for the reprints of year 1955. 
The first part (of 3) of these books is now out. I haven't seen my own
copy yet, as I'm not at my adress, but at my mother's - but thanks to
Thomas I've seen scans and I'm very satisfied and proud. 
I wirte a lot about Barks-stories and the sad day when Barks died in
the first foreword - and I dedicate one page to explaining why I'm a
big fan of Don Rosa. 

Is it necessary to say that I would be willing to swap? :-)

Yours proudly, trying hard to be modest
A. C. Sivebaek
acsive at

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