Class Schedule in Scandinavian weeklies?

Kai Saarto ksaarto at
Tue Aug 13 13:52:02 CEST 2002

Viestissä Tiistai 13. Elokuuta 2002 12:35, Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr. kirjoitti:
> Hi all!
> I have seen this weeks issue of DD&Co, but there are
> no class schedule there. DD&Co (Norway), AA&Co
> (Denmark) and KA&Co (Sweden) usually have some stuff
> for the school start. This year I have expected to see
> Don Rosa's second class schedule which was printed in
> Finland last year (the one published in Finland in
> 1999 was pyblished here in 2000). So does anyone knows
> what happens?

Hi, I just fetched the Finnish Aku Ankka from the mailbox. This year we have a 
class schedule by Daan Jippes. It has nice story about Donald losing his 
cell-phone while taking a bath...

Someone with a scanner ready will hopefully make this available for you all 
soon. (Mine's in a closet...) :-(

> Sigvald :-)

- Kai Saarto

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