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This question is directed to Don Rosa but I ask him here because I thought it 
could interrest people here...
It is about Scrooge's paternal grandfather...
The character only appears in your Duck Family Tree...
In the original American version, this character is called "Dirty" Dingus 
McDuck. Dingus McDuck was a SCOTTISH MINER.
Doing some researches with my friends from dcml, my comics collection and 
inducks, I found that in the story "The Search for Cyril", from "Donald Duck" 
# 70, from 1960 Bob Gregory and Tony Strobl already gave a grandpa to 
Scrooge. His name was Titus McDuck (TitUS sounds a little bit like DingUS), 
and he is a SCOTTISH MINER too!...
I thought that maybe you had been inspired from the character to create your 

But the story doesn't stop there!!! Titus McDuck was translated Titus Von 
Anka into Swedish. And guess what was Dingus' translation? Titus Von Ankka 
too ! ! ! So I decided to consider them as the same character in my Duck 
Family Tree...
So my questions are :
1)Have you ever been inspired by Titus to create Dingus?
2)Did you know about the swedish translation of Dingus?

I was also wondering if you had already seen this tree :
It's a tree from 1973... (more on the page)

and I was wondering if, before to build your own tree, you had seen that one:

In both trees, "whitewater" Duck is Fethry's brother, and they have been 
published before yours... Did you get the idea about making whitewater 
Fethry's brother from one of these trees, or did you have the idea yourself?

Best regards,
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