A Gyro question?

Goofy313g@aol.com Goofy313g at aol.com
Fri Aug 16 19:42:16 CEST 2002

Let's say he is a Birdbeak :-)

I think Gyro is an anthropomised chicken.
His former hair was red, I think, before becoming orange and now blond (more 
rarely brown) which looks like a cockscomb.
A funny detail : he's got human feet (well, not exactly... they still have 4 
toes, but i'm sure you can find humans with 4 toes :-)) 

Marin's "baby gyro", has bird feet with two fingers!!! this looks more like 
bird feet, not chicken feet. His brazilian name is "Pardal", which means 
sparrow, a little bird... He's got several cousins, uncles and aunt which 
seem to be other species than chicken (pardalina, colibri...).

Don Rosa's duck family tree's Gretchen Grebe, Casey Coot's wife, seems to be 
of the same species than Gyro....

So, if someone asks me what is Gyro's species, I'd answer I DON'T KNOW!!!

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