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Heike und Sven taeger-troschke at
Wed Aug 21 13:52:14 CEST 2002


Today I have received the Aku Ankka 50th Anniversary stamps from the 
Finnish post (thanks to the very kind Mr Hiekkavuo working there). I had 
also ordered a set of postcards with Disney motifs. Since I do not speak 
any Finnish, however, I cannot understand what is written on them. I 
would appreciate it very much, if any of you kind Finns out there would 
be willing to translate the texts.

1st motif: Donald labels some post packages and says, with a mean 
expression on his face: Iloinen tervehdys ankkalinnasta!

2nd motif: Scrooge, swimming in his money bin, says: Aah! Olen jälleen 
rikas ja onnellinen! Nuorruin vuosikymmeniä!

3rd motif: Goofy, addressing the viewer, says: Hei, mä keksin ...

4th motif: Daisy, hitting Donald with her bag, says: Toden totta!

5th motif: The Beagle Boys, driving a car and looking very frightened, 
say: Eijeijei! (Meaning "Oh, oh, oh!" I suppose).

And, if it is not too much to ask, maybe you can also translate what 
else is written on the package containing the postcards:

On the back of the package: Pakkaus sisältää viisi Aku Ankka-Aiheista 

Inside the package: Nyt on syytä olla höyhenet pörhöllään! Aku 
Ankka-lehti on tuonut unohtumattoman hauskoja lukuhetkiä suomalaisille 
jo so vuoden ajan. Juhlan kunniaksi Disney-hahmot riemastuttavat 
viidessä hauskassa postikortissa. Lähetä iloinen tervehdys ystävälle tai 
käytä kortit omaksi iloksesi!

(Please forgive me that I have got the use of upper case / lower case 
letters wrong. Most of the texts are written in upper case letters only.)

Thank you very much in advance

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