The Junior Chickadees

Olaf Solstrand olaf at
Fri Aug 30 13:09:23 CEST 2002

I just recieved a phone call from Donald Duck & Co with a question they needed 
an answer to. They assumed that I knew. I didn't, but I promised to do my best 
to find out. And, my experience is that if I post a question in all the 
discussion boards and mailing lists I can think of, I usually get an answer in 
a few hours.

The question is - what is the Norwegian name for the leader of the Junior 

They needed this information for a translation, so I decided to try helping 
them out - so that they don't have to make up a new name if one already exists.

I'm a digest member, so please send a copy of the answer to this address 
(olaf at That is, if you can give me the answer.

Olaf Solstrand

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