Don Rosa Calendar sigvald at
Wed Dec 4 00:26:32 CET 2002

Nils Lid Hiort wrote:

> 1. I haven't seen the "Don Rosa Calendar" yet. Where 
> can it be bought? In bookstores, or kiosks, or both?

Have you been at Tronsmo?

I found it in a bookstore in Stavanger on Thursday, November
21st, just in time to by an extra copy a as a gift to my nephew
for his birthay shortly after.

Anyway it *should off course* have been sold everywhere where
such calendars are sold - I have seen a lot of similar comics
calendars showing *non-Disney-shit* around everywhere. There
could be several reasons that this one is more difficult
to find:

a) Badly marketing by the publisher.

b) The IMO very high price (NOK 159) may be so high that the
stores won't take it in. Knowing that Don Rosa doesn't get a
dime of this makes this greadyness even worse.

c) There may be to many people prefering simple short gag
comics, and thus prefering calendars showing *non-Disney-shit*
(like Calvin & Hobbes, Ernie, Pondus, Betle Bailey, etc.)
in stead of real quality like Donald Duck comics.

Anyway I wish you good louck in your search!

> I understand it is being sold in four countries. Would these
> be the Nordic ones, except Finland? And what about Germany?

AFAIK it's sold in: Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
I don't know about Germany.

Please notice that my personal views about what I above
discribes as "*non-Disney-shit*" is not meant as an offence
against anybody or anything. It's only included to to make
my statement clear and concrete.

Sigvald :-)

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