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Wed Dec 4 23:37:19 CET 2002

Hi all!

First an apology for the way I spoke about some non-Disney
comics yesterday. I was acting like a typical football
(here in its European meaning = soccer) supporter who often
tends to describe opponent teams to their favourite team
that way. I think that our English friend Vic can confirm
that many non Man. Utd. supporters are using a lot tougher
language about Man. Utd. than the language I used. But OK,
I realise now that this is not how it works in the world
of comics.

Today I have been collecting some facts about comics
calendars and similar calendars in various stores in
Stavanger where I live so that you can draw your own
conclusion about this matter. Here is what I found:

ARK Berge (book store):
Pondus – NOK 95
Gary Larson – NOK 129
Tolkien – 149
Don Rosa – 159

Gardum (book store):
Pondus – NOK 99
Nemi – NOK 99

Narvesen (large kiosk)
Pondus – NOK 98
Nemi – NOK 98

Sigvald :-)

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