the Don Rosa Calendar

Lunnan & Hjort brit.lunnan at
Sat Dec 7 15:35:51 CET 2002

It is surprisingly difficult to find the DR 2003 Calendar in the Oslo 
bookstores, but at least some have them -- I found my copies at 
Avalon. I just wished to report that they are exquisitly done, with 
great "cover page" type art at a generous size. Any wall should be
proud to carry this for a year. 

It is also surprising to me that it is not even being mentioned on the
Donald Duck magazine home page . But perhaps
it will be mentioned in the weekly magazine, in one or more of
the coming issues. If not, it would indicate (to me) a lack of serious 
interest by Egmont in actually selling what they have produced and 
paid for, or a lack of decent communication between parties. Strange.

How is this in Sweden and Denmark? I learn that the calendar, 
originally conceived of and ordered by the Finnish Duck publishing 
house, is selling very well there. 

Nils Lid Hjort 

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