Barks items for sale this season

Lunnan & Hjort brit.lunnan at
Sat Dec 7 15:51:30 CET 2002

This list doesn't always manage to pay attention to the central 
aspect of Disney Comics related life which is that of 
_publications_: what is for sale, where, when, and is it good?
This message is just to point out that there are two Barks items 
out now, for sale all over Norway, and I assume also Denmark 
and Sweden:

* Carl Barks Christmas Stories (or similar title),
hardcover, 200+ pages, price 250 NOK or so (more than 
30 Euro or USD). I didn't buy it as I have all the stories already
in other editions. This is a problem with Barks, of course, his
constant use and re-use makes it difficult for the publishers 
and the prospective buyers: we have seen it all before. 
But I suppose the book is well done. I noticed a couple of
Firestone Giveaway Christmas stories, for example (I particularly
like the one from Firestone 1947). Also, for the umpteenth time,
Christmas on Bear Mountain. It has become the Vivaldi's
Four Seasons of Disney comics (welldeservedly). The market
must soon be saturated, after nearly twenty years of Barks
hardcover book collections, published I think since 1984 just
in time for Christmas shopping.  -- The market should be ready 
for similar hardcover books filled with Rosa stories. Surely that 
is the next logical step, for Egmont Scandinavia. 

* Carl Barks Benny Burro & Barney Bear stories (or similar title):
a nice enough album with perhaps eight stories, taken from
Barks' years 1943-1947 with "Our Gang". Again, I didn't
buy it, since I have the stories already. Perhaps someone else
here could give us more details. 

Nils Lid Hjort 

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